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We provide Best and Quality Cakes

Many shops that are not primarily cake shops become cake shops during typical gift-giving periods such as Birthday,Newyear Christmas and Valentine's Day, offering ranges of cake products in the build-up to these celebrations.

A cake shop is a store primarily selling relating to a particular topic or theme. The items sold often include chocolate cake,cheese cake,strawberry cake. cake shops are normally found in areas visited by many people.

Our Bakery is a unique blend of a traditional Southern-style bakery with a sweet touch of Southern hospitality baked with love into every dessert.

At MoonLight Bakery we are cake artists with a love for creating the sweetest part of your celebration. It all starts with recipes that are carefully crafted from scratch, a design that perfectly reflects your personality and a team of pastry chefs and cake decorators that are experienced in executing edible masterpieces.

Our Bakery specializes in Southern-style pastries; a variety of flavored cupcakes, an assortment of delicious pies, traditional and custom-made cakes, tarts, cookies, croissants, and beverages. We take pride in providing special occasion, holiday and special order requests designed to please your palate and suitable for every occasion! Our baked goods are made with love and our goal is to make you feel special and right at home. Feel free to order.

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